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and no rivers and no lakes can but the fire out . 
          i’m gonna raise the stakes , i’m gonna smoke you out .

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you know you’re right

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"I hope you support your team always not only when we are winning but when we are losing, because we are not only winning together but losing together."

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Roger Federer got to meet basketball great Michael Jordan, his “all-sports idol” on Monday in the build-up to his first match at the US Open.

Source ATP.

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3D Fractals

Last week I met Tom Beddard, a physicist turned web developer turned artist (and friendly guy). He creates fractals — those recursive shapes that infinitely repeat at every scale. They’re based on simple math, but they can create some amazing images.

Says Beddard: “I don’t seek any new mathematical insight into the resulting structures, it’s a purely aesthetic pursuit to scratch a creative itch. Part of the fascination with fractal exploration is when … amazing and completely unexpected structures can pop out and surprise you.”

Some of the fractals look like Gothic architecture. Some of them look like alien seed pods. All of them are mesmerizing. You can see lots more on Beddard’s flickr page. You can actually fly through the fractals and see them morphing in these videos. And now, thanks to a new app called Frax that Beddard helped develop, you can make fractals of your very own.

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"Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh" *stretches for all eternity

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To celebrate the arrival of Haruki Murakami for Saturday’s London signing at Waterstone’s Piccadilly, we’re giving away ten beautiful posters for Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage.

To be in with a chance just Reblog this post and we’ll pick 10 lucky winners out of the hat.

The competition closes on Monday 1st September.

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Can we just take a moment and apreciate this man okay

Merry Christmas by Igor Rus


If you think my blog sucks wait till you see my life 

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